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Bangs & Works V2

Bangs & Works V2
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Last year Planet Mu released 'Bangs & Works Volume1'. It was a carefully curated, first of its kind compilation of Chicago footwork, a style of music which is possibly some of the most genuinely future-facing, innovative new electronic music on the planet. Simon Reynolds recently noted in an interview for his book Retromania that "one thing I thought was really innovative was all this stuff from Chicago, the footwork stuff ... one of the few things in recent years that has made my jaw drop a little bit [is] the 'Bangs & Works' CD. Mike Paradinas deserves a knighthood." Since the release of that album the attention paid to this little known local scene has increased drastically, so much so that Planet Mu were able to bring over DJs Rashad and Spinn plus footwork dancers for a tour of the UK and Europe. The music has been adapted for different uses by people outside Chicago, and has influenced new productions not only by Planet Mu artists such as Machinedrum and Kuedo, but by many others as well. 'Bangs & Works Volume 2' brings the focus back onto Chicago's own producers, showing where the real innovation in the scene still lies. The album attempts to show different sides of footwork to Volume 1.
  • 1. Heavy Heat RP Boo
  • 02. Erotic Heat Jlin
  • 03. Hit Da Bootz Dj Earl
  • 04. Heaven Sent DJ Rashad & Gant-Man
  • 05. Burn Dat Boi DJ Metro
  • 06. Ball'em Up DJ Clent
  • 07. Y Fall DJ MC
  • 08. Crazy 'n' Deranged DJ Spinn
  • 09. Funky Block Traxman
  • 10. Showtime DJ Rome
  • 11. Finished DJ T-Why
  • 12. When You Tha Pope
  • 13. Bullet Proof Soul Boylan
  • 14. Asylum Jlin
  • 15. Orbits DJ T-Why
  • 16. Get Buck Juice DJ Roc
  • 17. Brainwash Traxman
  • 18. DJ Clent #1 DJ Clent
  • 19. Smak My Bitch Up DJ Metro
  • 20. Space Muzik Pt.3 Young Smoke
  • 21. Juice DJ T-Why
  • 22. What Have You Done Dj Solo
  • 23. Psycho War Young Smoke
  • 24. Wouldn't Get Far Young Smoke
  • 25. Tekno Bangz DJ Metro
  • 26. Off Da Hook RP Boo


Interpret VARIOUS
Genre Disco/Dance
Label Planet Mu
Art. Nr. X00451860-2
EAN 5055300329479
Medium CD
Set-Inhalt 1
Veröffentlichungsdatum 18.11.2011
FSK Nein
Preis-Code BI

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