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All Things Being Equal

All Things Being Equal

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All Things Being Equal
mit SONIC BOOM LP+Download
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Ausgerechnet 2020 kehrt Producer Peter Kember (Spectrum, Spacemen 3) mit seinem ersten neuen SONIC BOOM Album in 3 Dekaden zurück! "All Things Being Equal" begann schon 2015 als eine Serie von Jams auf Modular Synths und war ursprünglich als Instrumental Projekt geplant, entwickelte sich über die nächsten 5 Jahre aber bis zum heutigen Endprodukt weiter.

The original sketches of electronic patterns, sequenced out of modular synths, were so appealing that Stereolab’s Tim Gane encouraged Kember to release them instrumentally. “I nearly did,” confesses Kember, “but the vibe in them was so strong that I couldn't resist trying to ice the cake.” Three years later, a move to Portugal saw him dusting off the backing tracks, adding vocals inspired by Sam Cooke, The Sandpipers, and the Everly Brothers (which he admits “don’t go far from the turntable pile”), as well as speculative, ominous spoken word segments. His new home Sintra’s parks and gardens provided a different visual context for Kember’s thoughtful observations, and he thematically incorporated sunshine and nature as well as global protests into the ten resulting tracks. “Music made in sterility sounds sterile,” he says, “And that is my idea of hell.”
It’s rare to see liner notes where synthesizers rather than humans are credited (other than guest vocal stints from “co-conspirators” Panda Bear and Britta Phillips), but Kember is masterful at finding the unique personality in his machines. “I tried to find the deepest essence of the instruments & let them play,” he offers. What emerges from these considerations on technology and humanity is a honed collection both philosophical and grooving, spacious even as it fills to its brim. It’s distinctly Kember—more than that, it’s distinctly Sonic Boom.
  • 1. Just Imagine
  • 2. Just a Little Piece of Me
  • 3. Things Like This (A Little Bit Deeper)
  • 4. Spinning Coins and Wishing on Clovers
  • 5. My Echo, My Shadow and Me
  • 6. On a Summer's Day
  • 7. The Way That You Live
  • 8. Tawkin Tekno
  • 9. I Can See Light Bend
  • 10. I Feel a Change Coming On


Interpret SONIC BOOM
Genre Electronic
Label Carpark Records
Art. Nr. X01203142-6
EAN 0677517014211
Medium LP+Download
Set-Inhalt 1
Veröffentlichungsdatum 05.06.2020
FSK Nein
Preis-Code 1350

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