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mit MUGWUMP LP (analog)
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Zweites Album des belgischen DJs und Produzenten MUGWUMP.

Belgian DJ & producer Mugwump performs an about-face with a new sound and live show and unveils the first extract of his second album ‘Drape’ and it's first extract,’No Trepidation’, a fast-paced postpunk/electronic hybrid and a punch in the face of conformity,
formatting and self-censorship.
Borrowing his name from a character from William Burroughs’ famed novel Naked Lunch, Mugwump is an elusive presence, a reputation preceded by infamous DJ residencies at Belgian clubs and a longstanding recording relation with Cologne’s Kompakt records, ongoing DJ support from Andrew Weatherall as well as a large catalogue of electronic ‘disco-techno’ records, released on leading labels R&S, Gigolo, Cocoon, Endless Flight, Eskimo, Permanent Vacation or International Feel. Mugwump is also well known for running the Leftorium clubnight in Brussels where like-minded DJ guests such as Ivan Smagghe, Andrew Weatherall, Superpitcher, Matias Aguayo, Optimo, Prins Thomas, Sascha Funke, Gerd Janson, Ata or Roman Flügel share decks
‘Drape’ is the follow-up to 2015's debut studio album ‘Unspell’, which boasted many guest vocalists, garnered media plaudits across the oard internationally and was supported with live appearances at Benelux, French, UK and Dutch festivals & venues.Taking it further and morphing into a full live band with new members, Mugwump released the ‘Metempsycho EP’ in November 2016 on which Geoffroy made his singing debut. Driven by this live band experience, Mugwump’s new album ‘Drape’ will release May 4th 2018
The result of nine months locked up with musicians Stephane Fedele (bass), Thomas Stadnicki (guitars), Lukas Melville (drums) and a series of live shows in Belgium, second album ‘Drape’ fuses the electronic with an occasionally heavy rock feel and outstanding lyrics, all topped off with a French-Belgian-tinged vocal and lyrical topicality. Music-wise it spans a breadth of influences from the Interzone between Post-Punk, Indie Pop, Psych & Noise while Geoffroy Mugwump lays down conscious, parlando-style, lyrics over nine songs ‘’soundtracking our torments in the Age of Laissez-Faire and Aestheticisation’’.
  • A1 - Interluudis Casaforti (0.56)
  • A2 - No Trepidation (5:58)
  • A3 - Tediously (5:01)
  • A4 - At the Front (Draped Version) (6:30)
  • B1 - Empty Peculiar (6:46)
  • B2 - The Mechanism (5:38)
  • C1 - Little Middle Grinder (7:59)
  • C2 - The Flag (6:54)
  • D1 - Rain / Frame (4:52)
  • D2 - Mount (9:24)
  • D3 - Peculiar reprise (2.54)


Interpret MUGWUMP
Genre Pop
Label Subfield
Art. Nr. X03219011-6
EAN 4012957211138
Medium LP (analog)
Set-Inhalt 2
Veröffentlichungsdatum 04.05.2018
FSK Nein
Preis-Code 1500

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