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F**k Dance Let's Art - Sounds From A New American Underground

F**k Dance Let's Art - Sounds From A New American Underground

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F**k Dance Let's Art - Sounds From A New American Underground
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!K7-associated new label Cool in the Pool, are not ones to get bogged down by geography or localized notions of what’s what musically. New Compilation F*>k Dance Lets Art is a quiet attempt to capture a snapshot of a what's turning out to be an exciting time for new music in the States. Bear In Heaven, Small Black and Memory Tapes have all been making waves over the last twelve months with their crafted, but still resolutely lo fi pop; Toro Y Moi contribute the glitchiest three minutes on the album with the lovely 'Fax Shadow'. In the middle of all this, Peter's House Music sounds like it owes as much a debt to Suicide, or Throbbing Gristles 'Hot on the Heels of Love', as it does to his home cities' house tradition , whilst Picture Planes 'Transparent Now ' drifts a languid vocal through layers of gentle synth feedback synths like Spaceman 3 gone transatlantic. Raw Moan’s 'Aqua Net' follows a similar, spacey vocal path over pattering machine rhythms. Psychobuildings’ "Paradise" sounds a bit like a cross between Foals and Talking Heads might do if they'd been produced in a Williamsburg bedroom on cracked software, whilst Hideous Men are one of the standouts of the album with their soaring, dub -gaze epic 'Tangled', like something from the 4AD vaults from the future. F*>k Dance Lets Art is a testament to some great music being made by American dreamers, schemers, indie refugees and bedroom avant gardists some playing with occulty imagery, others building sky kissing sonic escape routes.
  • 01. Baghdaddy - Hot Shit (Creep Remix)
  • 02. Balam Acab - See Birds
  • 03. Peter's House Music - Body Heat
  • 04. Small Black - Despicable Dogs
  • 05. Toro y Moi - Fax Shadow
  • 06. Hideous Men - Tangled
  • 07. Slava - Anything
  • 08. Washed Out - Feel It All Around
  • 09. Truman Peyote - Kartwheels
  • 10. Psychobuildings - Paradise
  • 11. Animal Collective - My Girls
  • 12. Crystal Castles VS HEALTH - Crimewave
  • 13. Raw Moans - Aqua Net
  • 14. Pictureplane - Transparent Now (Thin Veil)
  • 15. The Phenomenal Handclap Band - 15 to 20 (Bim Marx Remix)
  • 16. oOoOO - Sedsumthing
  • 17. Memory Tapes - Bicycle (Horrors Cosmic Dub)
  • 18. Bear in Heaven - Lovesick Teenagers


Interpret VARIOUS
Genre Pop
Label !K7 Records
Art. Nr. X0320266-2
EAN 0730003726620
Medium CD
Set-Inhalt 1
Veröffentlichungsdatum 27.09.2010
FSK Nein
Preis-Code BL

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