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Even if it may be so predictable to talk about a Russian band in the most Russian clichéd manner, it has still turned out to be relevant to point out what Motorama have been so typically performing since 2012 when their second album “Calendar” came out of those “cold wave Stakhanovists and tireless workaholics”. A huge success with both audiences and critics, both in France and abroad, has been obviously timed ever since, up to their already previous opus “Poverty” which was released in January 2015. Much good may it do them as, as regular as a clockwork, they have been cranking out tours (throughout Russia in all its vastness, repeatedly in continental Europe, as well as in a South American way of exploring), posting videos and photo albums, delighting and racking up fans, and coming back with new records all over again. From far-off lands to faraway wild and abundant artistic grounds, Motorama have been sowing bounty first and foremost, far from the harvest of some over-the-top music serial production.

Since their first self-produced album “Horse” in 2008, Motorama have gone their own melodious seamless way. From their Russian port city of Rostov-on-Don, they have carved out their identity and a niche on the musical scene as travels, journeys, landscapes and encounters have helped them forge ahead with a global outlook.

“I always try to have it all recorded uncut, in one breath, and have it thus enhanced in its delicate rugged beauty. (…) As I have figured it out, demos sometimes and even often happen to sound better than the actual records to be released”, Vladislav Parshin - vocals and guitar - revealed to Magic magazine in February 2015. As expected, the fourth upcoming album “Dialogues” is no exception to that rule. As to the distinctive melodies, harmonies and lyrical texts, everything has just gone with the flow day after day in a do-it-yourself fashion that the band have been drawing on, up to the oldie but goodie Tascam Portastudio home recording mastered in a few short weeks.

With “Dialogues”, let’s talk about an addictive pop music floating on a raft of wondrous melancholy, rocked by breathtaking lyricism, heady keyboards and a muffled but dancing bass. Let’s go explore the great outdoors via these compositions that take us on a trip.

Motorama are a Russian band of five musicians from Rostov-on-Don, a port city with a population of over a million, which lies in the southwest corner of Russia, right at the gateway to the Caucasus. Formed in 2005, Motorama self-produced their records for many years before the quintet got noticed and signed by the French label Talitres in 2012.
1. Hard Times - 2. Tell Me - 3. Sign - 4. Loneliness - 5. Above The Clouds - 6. I See You - 7. Deep - 8. Someone Is Missed - 9. Reflection - 10. By Your Side


Interpret MOTORAMA
Genre Pop
Label Talitres
Art. Nr. 970092-2
EAN 3700398715933
Medium CD
Set-Inhalt 1
Veröffentlichungsdatum 21.10.2016
FSK Nein
Preis-Code BI

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