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Dreamboats & Lemonade

Dreamboats & Lemonade

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Dreamboats & Lemonade
mit YEARNING, THE LP (analog)
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After their previous singles and mini-LP's, we have been anxiously awaiting the full-length debut from Joe Moore and the rest of THE YEARNING. Their sweet melodies, dreamy arrangements, and passion for the sounds of the fifties, had us so excited, with our hands glued to the needle on the record player, waiting for the right moment to submerge ourselves in the grooves of their first full-length. That moment has finally arrived."Dreamboats & Lemonade" plays again with the two sides of love (as their two previous 10"'s did) - the sweeter side and the more bitter side, each represented by the concepts that give the album it's name and preside over their respective sides of the record. And what better feeling to represent these two facets than the nostalgic melancholy that cradles the small resentments but sugar-coats painful memories. This feeling is the star of this delicious album, which moves between Phil Spector's wall and Burt Bacharach's elegance, and doesn't hide its love for a very specific era and style of understanding pop, decorated with reverb that fades out like Christmas lights. The album - accompanied by numerous collaborators who make up the THE YEARNING ORCHESTRA, and who share space with wind instruments, strings, electric guitars, and the already known voices of Maddie Dobie (lead vocals) and Alicia Rendle-Woodhouse (backing vocals) - is another emotional journey full of curious and attractive stops. There's that fun craziness that is "Dance With Me", the homage to Morricone's spaghetti-western on the impressive "Marry Me In The Morning" (there is no shortage of horse-galloping sounds), or that delicious version of Françoise Hardy that is "Never Learn To Cry".
  • 01. Dreamboat
  • 02. If I Can't Have You
  • 03. Dance With Me
  • 04. Chasing Shadows
  • 05. Marry Me In The Morning
  • 06. It's You That I Want
  • 07. Lemonade
  • 08. How Will I Know
  • 09. Never Learn To Cry
  • 10. Every Time I Fall In Love
  • 11. Tomorrow Night
  • 12. When I Was Your Baby


Genre Pop
Label Elefant Records
Art. Nr. X50103246-6
EAN 8428846111872
Medium LP (analog)
Set-Inhalt 1
Veröffentlichungsdatum 11.07.2014
FSK Nein
Preis-Code AM56

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