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You Were So Young

You Were So Young

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You Were So Young
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22-Track Collection mit dem gesamten Output der Cigarettes auf Doppel-LP (im Gatefold mit Poster, Sticker & Badge) bzw. CD (mit 20-stg. Booklet mit Interviews und ausführlichen Liner Notes.

It was at the tale end of what would later be loosely termed ‘The Seventies’, in Lincoln, Merry England, that three teenagers formed, the consequencies of ther actions are captured here.
“You Were So Young” consists of everything that The Cigarettes ever recorded in what was their two year life span. From the very beginnings in the rehearsal room through to tracks recorded for an unreleased third single. It includes the two singles and their ip sides, some tracks that were included on a local compilation album, and their solitary John Peel session along with a handful that never found their way onto a record.
Their debut single ‘They’re Back Again, Here They Come’ , exchanges hands from upwards of £100 and ‘You Were So Young’ has been viewed on Youtube over 1.3m times.
The CD booklet and vinyl inner sleeves include an in depth interview with Rob and Steve, answering pretty much all there is to know about The Cigarettes
Over the years The Cigarettes have gained a wealth of interest, leaving many to scratch their heads and wonder how they slipped under the radar for so long.
  • Side 1 1. They’re Back Again, Here They Come
  • 02. I’ve Forgot My Number (Now I’m Telling You My Name)
  • 03. All We Want is Your Money
  • 04. Can’t Sleep at Night
  • 05. It’s the Only Way to Live (Die)
  • 06. Stay Inside Side
  • 02
  • 07. Looking at You
  • 08. Frivolous Disguises
  • 09. Run
  • 10. After All
  • 11. Don’t
  • 12. Screaming Dreaming Side
  • 03
  • 13. You Were So Young
  • 14. Damage Your Health
  • 15. Miranda
  • 16. Media Menia
  • 17. Surrender
  • 18. Valium World Side
  • 04
  • 19. Can’t Sleep At Night (John Peel Session)
  • 020. Frivolous Disguises (John Peel Session)
  • 021. It’s The Only Way To Live (Die) (John Peel Session)
  • 022. Valium World (John Peel Session)


Genre Rock
Label Optic Nerve
Art. Nr. X01215033-2
EAN 0604565340726
Medium CD
Set-Inhalt 1
Veröffentlichungsdatum 20.09.2019
FSK Nein
Preis-Code BG

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