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Not A Ship An Aeroplane

Not A Ship An Aeroplane

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Not A Ship An Aeroplane
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Ernesty International was founded in 2007 when Ernst Tiefenthaler transported a couple of instruments and recording devices (he wasn't really sure he would be able to operate) in a borrowed car to a house in Aschach an der Donau/Upper Austria, where his grandparents had lived. He somehow succeeded to start the heating and furthermore to record some songs in this week in November. The possibility to add more and more tracks (with voices for example) to a song, in combination with the plain loneliness might have led to the fact that the first Ernesty CD has lots of choir parts in it. What an appropriate picture - the soul and its many voices, some loud, some soft, some out of tune, some imploring, some sad and some happy. And some with a bad cold because the house was warming up quite slowly due to the heating and Tiefenthaler’s mediocre abilities to operate it. But after the beautiful voice of eloui gently tiptoed (not to say magically suspended) into some of the songs, the CD was released on the Styrian label pumpkin records in early 2009. A band was formed in order to play the songs live. Its members (and therefore official members of the Ernesty International movement) are: Ernst Tiefenthaler, Alexander D.C. Diesenreiter (Thalija, M185), El Schwarzlmüller (Bell Etage, Thalija), eloui (Thalija, Brainmanagerz), Josip Pavic (Bell Etage), Martin Tiefenthaler and Reinhard Gassner. The number of musicians on stage on the very evening is indicated by the number of stars that is shown between the Ernesty and the International. One star means a solo gig by Ernst Tiefenthaler (who alarmingly has started to call himself “The chairman” recently), two stars means that eloui and the chairman are travelling through the songs as if they were secret territories, trespassing with silent care, three stars guarantee you the power of three to seven gifted, top-motivated and good-looking members from our Musicians Department. In spring 2010 however, the second Ernesty International album called "It could be the Sun, Mr. President" was published. It was recorded in spring 2009 in Martins house in Riedenthal/Lower Austria literally catching the first bird symphonies of the year. Now, one year later, the third Ernesty CD called “Not a Ship an Aeroplane” is released on the newly founded label “EMG - ErnestyMusicGroup”. Most of the songs were again recorded in Aschach an der Donau. Ernesty International is a non-governmental, non-profit organization whose aim is - by means of music - to fight global and individual indifference, self-delusion, manipulation, lifelessness, communication disability, misanthropy and solitude.
  • 1 Three out of four Musketeers
  • 2 In a Beekeeping Mood
  • 3 Volunteers
  • 4 Balcony
  • 5 Limited Soldier
  • 6 Money
  • 7 Quite a Bit of Background Noise up here
  • 8 Braindoc & Proncess
  • 9 Clouds & Aeroplanes
  • 10 Take a Bow


Genre Pop
Label Ernesty Music Group
Art. Nr. X0900001-2
EAN 9006472017660
Medium CD
Set-Inhalt 1
Veröffentlichungsdatum 22.04.2011
FSK Nein
Preis-Code BI


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