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Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

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Paradise Lost
mit RENEGADE OF JAZZ LP (analog)
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With his second album „Paradise Lost“, Renegades Of Jazz opens the doors to a new personal und musical perspective. „I’ve been to paradise and then lost it,“ says David Hanke, head of ROJ, about his new collection of songs. „I guess I can speak for many others who have been thrown out of their personal paradise.“ The inspiration for the twelve tracks on „Paradise Lost“ goes way back into literary history. „I bought a 19th century edition of John Milton’s epic poem and was thrilled by the story of fallen angels, death, the evil and the devil. They have Gustave Doré’s illustrations, and I was totally entangled by their sheer presence. That’s how I wanted the album to sound like: Dark, mysterious and unpredictable.“ For David Hanke „Paradise Lost” is also a kind of coming home. He spent his childhood growing up in Tanzania/Africa surrounded by native African music. When his family returned to Germany, he pursued this interest by listening to his parents' record collection. In the 1990s Hanke got infected by the Northwest-Rock explosion, which ruled his teenage years. Then
he discovered the world of sampling and fell in love with Funk & Soul. After teaming up with DeliKutt as Mash & Munkee he started Renegades Of Jazz in late 2009, finding inspiration in his grandmother’s vintage jazz records. His debut album “Hip To The Jive”, along with several singles and EPs, was released in 2011 on Smoove’s Wass label in the UK. In 2013 ROJ took over the DJ residency in Hamburg’s legendary Mojo Club. The music of “Paradise Lost” has been there all the time, somewhere, “but now, at last, I had the chance to record and release it.”
  • A1. Haunting The North
  • A2. Paradise Lost
  • A3. Flemish Cap feat. Karin Ploog
  • B1. Neverday feat. Jane Kennaway
  • (Vinyl Version)
  • B2. Hellesens feat. Dylan
  • Kennaway
  • B3. Imperial Breed feat. Greg
  • Blackman
  • C1. Cannibal Royal feat. Greg
  • Blackman
  • C2. Tamerlane feat. Greg Blackman
  • C3. Death Grip feat. Chima Anya
  • D1. Lucifer's Rising
  • D2. Ban-Shee
  • D3. Dark Reign (Vinyl Only)


Genre Soul
Label Agogo Records
Art. Nr. X0324057-6
EAN 4260130541576
Medium LP (analog)
Set-Inhalt 1
Veröffentlichungsdatum 23.01.2014
FSK Nein
Preis-Code 1350

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