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Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind: Singles and Demos 1964-1967

Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind: Singles and Demos 1964-1967

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Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind: Singles and Demos 1964-1967
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Nach 30 Jahren im Exil ist Vashti Bunyan wieder da - und "Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind": Singles and Demos 1964 - 1967 ein unverzichtbares Reissue in ihrem Katalog!

Following the amazing success story of Vashti Bunyan’s re-emergence as an artist after an exile of over 30 years, we are proud and excited to re-issue ‘Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind’, a comprehensive compilation of early recordings dating from the period prior to Vashti’s classic ‘Just another Diamond Day’ album which was originally released1970. A complete collection of Vashti’s existing early recordings, the album is divided across two discs and features 25 tracks - mostly rescued from a number of old acetates and quarter-inch tapes Vashti’s brother John had found in his attic a few years ago. The first disc gathers together the early singles (two of which were unreleased) and a set of taped demos recorded between 1965-67. Discovered by Rolling Stones manager/guru Andrew Loog Oldham, who gave her a Jagger/Richards song, (‘Some Things…’) Vashti was put in the studio to record the song accompanied by a full orchestra. The B side was her own ‘I Want To Be Alone’ and released as her debut single on the Decca label in May 1965. Despite a whirlwind of promotion, the single flopped and Vashti left to pursue more pared-down ambitions, recording ‘Train Song’/‘Love Song’ for Columbia, with just voice, guitar and cello. Again foundering with no publicity upon its release in June 1966, Vashti left again, this time returning to Andrew Oldham and the Immediate label he had just started. She recorded three more singles (‘Winter Is Blue’ / ‘Coldest Night Of The Year’ / ‘I’d Like To Walk Around In Your Mind’) between 1966 - 1967, yet each again remained frustratingly unreleased, leading to Vashti’s disenchantment with the industry and disappearance, bound for the Isle of Skye and a colourful if obscure existence in which she would not pick up a guitar again for over 30 years.
Deliberately separated off from this first disc the second disc comprises the entire, unaltered contents of a long-forgotten tape discovered at the last minute before mastering, whilst Vashti was searching for one of the master reels for disc one. Featuring just Vashti’s voice and guitar, unadorned and with no overdubs, the twelve songs here were rattled out one after another with spoken introduction in one hour of time she’d borrowed the money for and booked at a studio in central London in 1964. Four of these songs were then run out to a 7” acetate (since lost/destroyed) which would serve as her demo. These were the first recordings Vashti had ever made of the songs she had written aged eighteen and nineteen. Considering they sat gathering dust in a shed and then in an attic for nearly forty years, the tapes are amazingly well preserved, and after baking reveal a stunning set of raw, pure, intimate recordings. At times it almost feels like you’re in the room with her; that these are songs sung for your ears alone.
  • CD1 - early singles / demos
  • 1. Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind - Decca single, 1965.
  • 2. I Want To Be Alone - Decca single, 1965.
  • 3. Train Song - Columbia single, 1966.
  • 4. Love Song - Columbia single, 1966.
  • 5. Winter is Blue - unreleased single, 1966.
  • 6. Coldest Night Of The Year - unreleased single as “Twice As Much and Vashti”, 1966.
  • 7 I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind - unreleased single, 1967.
  • 8. Winter Is Blue - Acetate demo, 1966.
  • 9. Girl's Song in Winter - John Bunyan's tape, 1966.
  • 10. If In Winter (100 Lovers) - John Bunyan's tape with Mike Crowther, 1966.
  • 11. Wishwanderer - Restored acetate demo 1967.
  • 12. Don't Believe - John Bunyan's tape 1966.
  • 13. 17 Pink Sugar Elephants - John Bunyan's tape 1966.
  • CD2 - 1964 demo tape
  • 1. Autumn Leaves
  • 2. Leave Me
  • 3. If In Winter (100 Lovers)
  • 4. How Do I Know
  • 5. Find My Heart Again
  • 6. Go Before The Dawn
  • 7. Girl's Song In Winter
  • 8. I Don't Know What Love Is
  • 9. Don't Believe What They Say
  • 10. Love You Now
  • 11. I Know
  • 12. Someday


Genre Pop
Label Branch Music
Art. Nr. X01229362-3
EAN 0666017293622
Medium CD
Set-Inhalt 2
Veröffentlichungsdatum 30.10.2015
FSK Nein
Preis-Code BG

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