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The New Industrial Ballads

The New Industrial Ballads

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The New Industrial Ballads
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Wenn es ein britisches Pendant zum Genre 'Americana' gäbe, dann wären THE CLAIM ein Aushängeschild. Stilistisch zwischen Tradition (Bert Jansch, Nick Drake, The Kinks) und Moderrne (Michael Head, Blur) verwurzelt, liefern sie mit "The New Industrial Ballads" sensationell ihre ersten neuen Songs seit 1992 ab!

There is no English or British equivalent of Americana. If there were it might sound something like the New Industrial Ballads and The Claim would be seen as one of the originators of the genre. What we’re talking about here is not an English group playing American music. This is a group of musicians making a beautiful and original hybrid that channels the root ingredients of classic English guitar music – folk (Bert Jansch, Nick Drake), thoughtful, melodic pop (Michael Head, Ray Davies) and angular politically tinged pop (Paul Weller, Elvis Costello, Wolfhounds), into something that is contemporary and original.
A recent feature in El País, Spain’s biggest selling newspaper, described the band's reissued 1988 album Boomy Tella as the missing link between the Kinks and Blur. The New Industrial Ballads (released by A Turntable Friend Records on 24th May), are the group’s first new recordings since 1992. It is how the group sound 30 odd years later if they’d continued to play and develop, rather than quit.
The idea behind the New Industrial Ballads is to celebrate the noble tradition (the lineage of which runs through folk, ballads, skiffle, the Kinks, to punk and beyond) of ordinary people singing about everyday concerns and the issues of the day that impact on working lives. Three quick examples. Journey is about economic migration, the characters involved, the need to fight passionately for a fight the right of all to move to work. In Estuary Greens and Blues David Read reflects on the passing years and a changing industrial landscape as he walks the shore of the Thames estuary. 30 Years is a collaboration with writer Vic Templar who narrates a poignant and prescient tale contrasts mankind’s inability to progress politically and spiritually with technological advances (this is a follow-up to The Claim’s cult classic Mike the Bike, released on Bob “Saint Etienne” Stanley’s Caff label in 1990)
In the group’s earlier period (1985-92) they secured Single of the Week in Melody Maker (Loser’s Corner), got 8/10 in NME for their album (Boomy Tella) and received regular airplay on John Peel and Andy Kershaw. The Manic Street Preachers, who used to write The Claim long love letters, performed their first ever London show supporting The Claim.
  • 1) Johnny Kidd’s Right Hand Man
  • 02) Journey
  • 03) Smoke And Screens
  • 04) The Haunted Pub
  • 05) Light Bending
  • 06) Hercules
  • 07) When The Morning Comes
  • 08) Music/Pictures
  • 09) Gamma Rays
  • 10) Just Too Far
  • 11) Mrs Jones
  • 12) Estuary Greens And Blues
  • 13)
  • 030 Years
  • 14) Under Canvas


Interpret CLAIM, THE
Genre Rock
Label A Turntable Friend
Art. Nr. X01220065-2
EAN 4039967015761
Medium CD
Set-Inhalt 1
Veröffentlichungsdatum 21.06.2019
FSK Nein
Preis-Code BG

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