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The moon rang like a bell

The moon rang like a bell
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The quartet’s members Nicole Miglis, Trayer Tryon, Paul Giese & ZachTetreault played together in various formations as far back as middle school, but it took until adulthood and 2012 for them to become Hundred Waters. Living under one roof meant the band had a communal mentality, yet each maintained their own distinct projects, borrowing here and there from each other. It was in interpreting a friends’ music together that they discovered the power of their combination, and they quickly fell to work reorienting their lives around an album. The music they found was a beautiful blend of contradictions, mournful yet colorful, introverted yet aware, and brought the tradition of songwriting to a strange future. Initially released by their local label Elestial Sound, their self-titled debut soon became seen as the sound of Florida, drawing loose comparisons to Stereolab, Four Tet, and Bjork. The band has taken its live show around the world, touring with artists such as Grimes, Julia Holter, Alt-J & The xx.
  • 01. Show Me Love
  • 02. Murmurs
  • 03. Cavity
  • 04. Out Alee
  • 05. Innocent
  • 06. Broken Blue
  • 07. Chambers (Passing Train)
  • 08. Down From The Rafters
  • 09. [Animal]
  • 10. Seven White Horses
  • 11. Xtalk
  • 12. No Sound


Genre Pop
Label !K7
Art. Nr. X0320318-6
EAN 0881034152756
Medium LP+Download
Set-Inhalt 2
Veröffentlichungsdatum 30.05.2014
FSK Nein
Preis-Code BL

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