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mit GERMANNU Maxi-Single (analog)
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Der Brasilianer Manoel Germano Filho (aka Germannu) veröffentlichte die vorliegende EP anno 1984 - Notes On A Journey legt nun endlich ein Reissue auf 180g Vinyl auf.

Manoel Germano Filho (better known as Germannu) was born into a family of cocoa farm owners on January 11th, 1955 in Linhares, Espirito Santo, Brazil. He was the second born of three children, but refusing to buy into the stereotype of the forgotten middle child, it took just a few guitar chords, learnt at the age of 15, to start him on his musical path. (The chords were taught to Manoel by his much-revered older sister, Germana, which she, in turn, had learned playing religious songs at Catholic school).
Manoel started his foray into education by following in his family’s footsteps, earning his agronomy degree at the Federal University of Viçosa in the state of Minas Gerais. Yet it was music rather than soil that held his heart, and after a chance meeting with Milton Nascimento, one of Brazil’s biggest musical icons - both back then and today - he threw himself into the Minas music scene, burgeoned as it was by student movements and local music festivals.
Manoel’s attempts to bring his music to the general public were abruptly derailed by the death of his father. Shortly after graduating, his dreams were put on hold and he found himself back in his hometown of Espirito Santo taking care of the family’s business affairs. It didn’t take long for though for the music to win over, and soon after he invested a considerable sum of his earnings in musical instruments and sound equipment, as well as a mobile trailer which he used as a tour bus, setting out to perform in towns in the region.
In 1984, Manoel, now Germannu, met the composer, arranger, vocalist, and guitarist Jorge “Jóia” Olímpio at a show in Linhares, and a month later threw caution to the wind, moved to Rio and found himself crashing at Jorge’s house while putting down his roots. Over the following days and weeks, the recording of Germannu’s debut LP began in earnest, starting with his songs Lavoura, Fale De Mim, and Hei De Amar.
Jorge’s help was crucial. Although Germannu had certain melodies in mind and chord structures around which he wanted to build the songs, he hadn’t yet developed how the melodies would play out, nor decided how exactly the chord sequences would go.
The pre-production was done at Jorge’s home, before they moved over to the now-defunct Estúdio Rio near the Laranjeiras viaduct to flesh things out. Jorge Jóia called on his contacts and brought in musicians he was sure would work, including a bassist and former bandmate named Borjalo, with whom he had previously played with in a band that was put together by the legendary organ player, Lafayette. Drummer, Paulinho Black (ex-Banda Black Rio), and pianist, Moisés Pedrosa, were also part of the team, as was the fabulous Jorge Cardozo - who transcribed Jorge Jóia’s arrangements.
  • A1 - Lavoura
  • A2 - Fale De Mim
  • B1 - Hei De Amar
  • B2 - Hei De Amar (Instrumental)


Interpret GERMANNU
Genre Weltmusik
Label Notes On A Journey
Art. Nr. X03214007-6
EAN 4062548011258
Medium Maxi-Single (analog)
Set-Inhalt 1
Veröffentlichungsdatum 25.09.2020
FSK Nein
Preis-Code BI

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