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De France (Cyan Vinyl)

De France (Cyan Vinyl)

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De France (Cyan Vinyl)
mit VIVE LES CONES LP (analog)
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Debüt des Synth-Pop/French Disco Duos Jean-Luc Mocard und Jean Ronde, die sich im Casio Werk nahe Paris kennengelernt haben. Ihre liebe zu Casio und Yamaha Gear ist unüberhörbar.

Jean-Luc Mocard met Jean Ronde in September of 2009, while working at the CASIO Palaiseau factory, near Paris. Before, they were both active musicians with a particular taste for synthesized music, touring extensively through European and Asian underground venues and clubs. Eventually, their furious passion for collecting 80’s keyboards brought them together to become the fabulous duo Vive Les Cônes.
Presently based in Porto, Portugal, by a matter of pure chance, Vive Les Cônes is a CASIO explosion, the fuel of a dancing machine that never stops and cherry picks moments from dance and pop music culture along the way. Their live concerts are non-stop hit parades featuring their very own local cult classics, such as “Bonaparty” or “Brocoli-Rave”, and medleys of pop-culture classics ranging from video-game soundtracks, to dance hits, to classical music.
“De France”, their debut album, is the product of years of playing live, training and mastering the perfect CASIO technique. Every track in this album is played live using only pure unmodded Casio PT-380 and Yamaha PSR-37 keyboards, thrift store fx pedals, bringing to the recorded form the meticulously crafted tracks that set dancefloors on fire all throughout the world.
The album is an eclectic journey through electronic and dance music on cheap keyboards, from traces of House Music in “Maillon” and the instant hit “Je Ne Sais Pas”, fumes of vaporwave in “Machine à Vapeur”, and, of course, baguettes of French electro in “Brocoli-Rave”, the track that usually andeuphorically ends Vive Les Cônes’ set.
The Quietus has referred to the duo as a “weird John Shuttleworth take on house music”, but them being French, a better comparison would be something like “Daft Punk lost all their gear on tour and had to play a gig using some old keyboards”. But could they even do it? Maybe a “Pascal Comelade on molly live set for Boiler Room” could make thembetter Justice. We’re not really sure what to compare them to though, and probably there’s no need to compare them to anything, as the best thing you can do is to give them a go and check them out for yourself.
  • A1. Le Fin
  • A2. Machine à Vapeur
  • A3. Maillon
  • A4. Je Ne Sais Pas
  • A5. Chic Chic
  • A6. Monsieur Ballon
  • B1. Durant La Viage
  • B2. Café Au Lait
  • B3. Bonaparty
  • B4. Brocolli-Rave
  • B5. Cés Journées


Genre Disco/Dance
Label Favela Discos
Art. Nr. X01206665-6
EAN 0725765590596
Medium LP (analog)
Set-Inhalt 1
Veröffentlichungsdatum 19.05.2023
FSK Nein
Preis-Code 1600

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