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Kern Vol.4 mixed by DJ Stingray

Kern Vol.4 mixed by DJ Stingray

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Kern Vol.4 mixed by DJ Stingray
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"To feel the future is to feel the fall into time." Der vierte Release in der Kern Mix-Reihe auf Tresor mit DJ Stingray (Urban Tribe/Drexciya) auf CD (im Digipack) oder 2LP (Sampler).

For the fourth instalment in Tresor's 'Kern' mix series, DJ Stingray (Urban Tribe/Drexciya) presents a device for decoding time in all directions, a sonic prism that refracts our senses into auxiliary components of a total future-rush. With a far-reaching selection that has been worked into his own unique form, DJ Stingray wraps our vertigo around a gritty pneumatic bump with high-velocity swing. His mixing style, prepared for hostile engagements as it is, throttles techno into counter-gravity forces. Wading through a specialised cross-section of Detroit's own dance-floor contagions as well as the contaminated feedback signals from across the global aqua plains, the mix can be summed up in just one word: hectic. Raw, caustic, synthetic rhythm-code pumps frenzy itself through a cascading geothermal fog. Never giving away the cryptographic keys, DJ Stingray works you harder than your heart, adapting your biology to a fractal timeline of viscous systems. Discovery, or uncovering, has to do with what already exists actually or virtually; it is therefore certain to happen sooner or later with enough sweat in the club. And as Kern Volume 4 attests to, DJ Stingray has the access codes and the stealth sense to make a place of a space, and to let it fall into time.
Accompanying the mix is a double vinyl. The leading manoeuvre comes from the collaborative efforts of DJ Stingray and Heinrich Mueller under an exclusive NRSB-11 piece. Seven more key titles of the covert assault make up this vinyl edition.
  • 1. Dopplereffekt - Scientist
  • 02. Alex Cortex - We Run Your Life
  • 03. Kris Wadsworth - Infiltrator
  • 04. Christopher Joseph - Mind At Sea
  • 05. Silent Servant - Dissociation
  • 06. Adam Jay - Lexic
  • 07. Herva - Slam The Laptop
  • 08. Gesloten Cirkel - Submit X
  • 09. Professor X - Professor X (Saga)
  • 10. NRSB-11 - Nationalised
  • 11. Luke Eargoggle - I Belong To The Past
  • 12. Drexciya - Lost Vessel
  • 13. Dynarec - Moving Corridors
  • 14. Syncom Data - Musik Politik
  • 15. Creepy Autograph - Night Stalker
  • 16. Drexciya - Aquabahn
  • 17. Faceless Mind - Ocean Movers (Vcs2600 Science Remix)
  • 18. 065 DJ Dijital - Bang
  • 19. Drexciya - Running Out Of Space
  • 020. Illektrolab - Overdrive
  • 021. Anna Meredith - VapourIsED (LoneLady Remix)
  • 022. Drexciya - Dr. Blowfins' Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres
  • 023. DJ Di'jital - Mind of the Master
  • 024. Morphology - Vector Plant
  • 025. Luke Eargoggle & Kan3da - Night Smoker
  • 026. A-F-X - Serge Fenix Rendered
  • 02
  • 027. Drexciya - Cascading Celestial Giants


Interpret VARIOUS
Genre Electronic
Label Tresor
Art. Nr. X01211004-2
EAN 0666017318028
Medium CD
Set-Inhalt 1
Veröffentlichungsdatum 07.07.2017
FSK Nein
Preis-Code BG

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