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The Long Way Home
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Sie spielen mit der Eleganz von CAMERA OBSCURA, der epischen Emotionalitätder WALKER BROTHERS und Biss und Energie von THE CLASH. There are few times that a group's name explains so much about their musical aspirations. THE MAGIC THEATRE's music is a dramatic evocation with no limits; thousands of stories seem to flow within their melodies - through the richly timbred, vast instrumentation, in the impossible arrangements, and in the thousands of influences from all over the world that fill their songs. It is fantasy and imagination made into music, something that Dan Popplewell and Sophia Churney exalt on their second album, "The Long Way Home" - their first for Elefant Records. Ever since Popplewell and Churney met as part of OOBERMAN - the British band that won single of the year about ten years ago from The Times and Mark Radcliffe's Radio One program, for their single "Shorley Wall" - the two felt compelled to work together. This was finally possible just a few years back with the birth of THE MAGIC THEATRE. After a delicious first album that set up all the parameters that this new album expands on, they signed with Elefant Records. And after that marvelous single, "I Got The Answer", a song which is included on the album, we finally have "The Long Way Home". The magic appears almost immediately. "The Sampler", a story of a sick Victorian girl trying to finish her embroidery project in time for her birthday, seems like a fairy tale invented by Tim Burton and composed by the famous Danny Elfman, with those arrangements of his that cradle you between mystery and innocence, creating a dream-like atmosphere.
  • 01. The Sampler
  • 02. It Was Glorious
  • 03. Festival Of Fire
  • 04. I Got The Answer
  • 05. Your Hateful Armchair
  • 06. Cathedrals Of The Mind
  • 07. Love Is Blue
  • 08. I Want To Die By Your Side
  • 09. Butterfly Dream
  • 10. The Long Way Home


Genre Rock
Label Elefant Records
Art. Nr. X50102868-2
EAN 8428846211831
Medium CD
Set-Inhalt 1
Veröffentlichungsdatum 29.11.2013
FSK Nein
Preis-Code AM49

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