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OFI (Apollo Mixes)

OFI (Apollo Mixes)

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OFI (Apollo Mixes)
mit MODEL 500 Maxi-Single (analog)
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Detroits Juan Atkins aka Model 500 mti frischen Remixes von Sei A (Skint), Synkro, Colonel Red, Indigo Transmssion und Shadow Child and Horx Model 500's influence on music arguably looms larger today then ever before, with a fresh wave of fascination coming from a new generation of electronic musicians and fans alike, who's lust for the innovative, original sounds of the first wave of Detroit Techno knows no bounds. OFI has already received the remix treatment from two big guns of the R&S stable, Space Dimension Controller and Bullion, who both applied their unique touches to the original in the 2010 remix release, and now it's the turn of Apollo - with five new mixes coming from Sei A, Shadowchild, Synkro, Indigo and Colonel Red respectively. First up on the EP is the Sei A mix, in which the Glaswegian producer slows the original down to a cosmic funeral march and twists the rhythm into a futuristic piece of R&B tinged deep house, stripping things down to a simple, hypnotic rhythm track that drives along on it's own minimal path for over seven minutes of perfectly pitched late night dancefloor action. In stark contrast to the Sei A mix comes the Shadowchild mix, an instant burst of anxious energy wrapped round a dubstep rhythm with a big, bold, colourful sound palette that gradually erodes and warps as the track progresses. Shadowchild brings to the fore the intricate, manic synth work of the original mix, which serves to underpin the whole piece and yoke all the various parts into a huge, pleasantly unhinged whole. Next up is the Indigo 'Transmission Mix' - a darker, more pensive proposition altogether. Setting the tone with a wash of white noise and pushing OFI through a dubbed out filter - Indigo creates a post-apocalyptic soundscape with just the merest of hints of the original pushing through his trademark murky haze of static and feedback. Following on from Indigo, we have Synkro's aptly titled Slow Jam Mix, which utilizes the sounds of the 808 and takes OFI onto the fringes of slo-mo instrumental 80s funk territory: with a twisted lead synth snaking around the skittering beat and deep pads setting a pensive, bittersweet tone - it's the most emotional of the mixes here, with an unmistakably sad heart beating at the track's centre. The final mix on the EP is provided by Colonel Red who puts his own inimitable future-soul mark on the original, adding a new level of warmth and soul to the track - dispensing with the majority of the original vocal and focusing instead on wringing out every ounce of groove and, in doing so, injecting Model 500's alien machine funk with something altogether more human. These five interpretations, although starkly different from one another, act as a perfect showcase of the contemporary Apollo sound - from woozy opiate soundscapes to chugging small room gems via soulful electronic oddities and bright, driving dance floor bangers. To remix the work of a legend is never an easy task, but all five artists come through with flying colours and stamp their own trademark twist on what is already a contemporary classic.
  • A1. Sei A remix A2. Synkro's slow jam mix B1. Colonel Red drunken masta remix B2. Indigo transmisson B3. Shadow Child and Horx remix


Interpret MODEL 500
Genre Disco/Dance
Label Apollo Records
Art. Nr. X50100494-6
EAN 5055274702087
Medium Maxi-Single (analog)
Set-Inhalt 1
Veröffentlichungsdatum 09.11.2012
FSK Nein
Preis-Code AM25

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