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Aufgenommen in Montreal, Kanada, und man könnte meinen, der Sound der Stadt hat auf die Band abgefärbt. Definitiv klingen Phoenix, TV On The Radio und sogar Wolf Parade hier durch.

True stories; real life, real people. For Holy Family it’s our human, and at times non-human, experiences which have shaped the sound of brand-new album Values. An upbeat collection of thought-provoking tales reflecting the light and dark sides of life itself, each track is a poignant commentary by a band who have never been ones to stay put for too long.
A former trio including third member Erik, in Canada Holy Family’s ties were cut down to a duo. Anton and Viktor represented the band from their new base abroad, performing at M for Montreal and Toronto Film festivals and toured Europe with Of Montreal whilst their song ‘Airy Jane’ featured on the US version of TV show Shameless. The band received an award from the Swedish Association of Composers (STIM) but time apart only drew Holy Family closer and once the pair returned home, the group doubled in size after reuniting with Erik and calling upon the guitar skills of good friend Petter.
Written in Gothenburg Values was recorded over just two weeks in Athens, Georgia with Kevin Barnes (Of Montreal). With little time for breaks, the combination of fatigue and time constraints forced the band beyond their comfort zone and into new sonic realms, giving the record it’s eclectic feel recalling the experimentalism of Blur or Grizzly Bear with the technical style of late 60s song-writing. Assisted by Drew Vandenberg and mixed by David Pye (Wild Beasts, 2:54) , before long the tropical temperatures surrounding Kevin’s home took effect on the band. “Just being somewhere that has t-shirt weather in April was impressive, but especially when you’re from Sweden,” says Anton. “Our first recordings in Montreal definitely had more of a second-hand sweater vibe whereas this record has more of a second-hand t-shirt tinge to it.”
  • 1. Colobris
  • 2.There Completely
  • 3.Carin Karen
  • 4.Erratic
  • 5.Empty Gestures
  • 6.Try Your Luck
  • 7.Pat on the Back
  • 8.Memory Collector
  • 9.Jimmy Angel
  • 10. What Makes You Tick


Genre Rock
Label Melodic
Art. Nr. X01212112-2
EAN 5060168041258
Medium CD
Set-Inhalt 1
Veröffentlichungsdatum 01.12.2017
FSK Nein
Preis-Code BG

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